“Life is amazing and far too short to be able to explore all its wonders. With a camera in hand, one can be in constant awe.”

Cole Imaging is a Seattle-based photography company specializing in fine art imaging making, archival services and real estate interior photography. As a licensed real estate agent professional, Susan understands the importance of marketing and has the advantage of knowing what clients look for in a home and can represent listings in a complimentary and accurate representation.

Knowing early on the visual arts would be a driving force, life has seldom been boring, if ever. With the opportunity to experience different lifestyles and cultures, I have lived and traveled all over the world eager to soak up the essence of life. A camera has allowed me to slow down those moments, seek to capture them and simply to see how they translate into an image.

Whether it is for an assignment or a personal project, great care is invested in the process and outcome.